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This 2015 McCloskey SDX 36X130 Telescoping Stacker is a self-contained desegregating conveyor that streamlines and enhances material handling. Using a fully automated, robust, and highly flexible control system, the SDX series stackers maximize stockpile capacity, providing optimal material quality control. The hydraulic diesel unit onboard makes it a highly portable unit, maximizing output for the mobile screeners and crushers on site. The power in this unit makes it cost-effective for customers, removing the need for a separate supply of main power on-site. The Lift axle is mounted on the front of the track bogie with internal wheel drive motors for radial travel. Tread tire patterns allow for more traction on difficult terrain.

Lift axle is an added feature for the SDX telescoping stackers, tracked stackers, and heavy-duty stacking conveyors.


  • 15-minute delivery and set-up
  • Switches from track mode to radial mode in seconds.

Technical Specs - SDX 130

  • Engine Power Unit :
    127 HP
  • Stockpile Height (max):
  • Working Length (max) :
  • Transport Length:
    75' 4"
  • Transport Height :
    13’ 6”
  • Belt Width:

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