2016 McCloskey S190 Triple Deck Screener

Product Details

The McCloskey S190 triple-deck provides the most cutting-edge 20′ x 5′ mobile vibratory screening plant. These S190 versions include adjustable screen-box angles that enable adaptation to a variety of material applications, including screening, sand and gravel topsoil, mining, quarrying, coal, and woodchips. The S190 is the best option for quality, high productivity, and value and delivers the highest-grade specifications and components. Across all decks, this S190 model has the largest total screening surface. The S190 is the best option for screening aggregate material because to all of its characteristics.


  • Tracked
  • Most advanced 20′ x 5′ plant in production
  • 12′ hopper capacity 8.01m³ (10.48 yd³) or 15′ hopper capacity 10.01m³ (13.09yd³)
  • 48″ feed conveyor
  • Remote control tipping grid
  • 10-minute set-up time

Technical Specs

  • Engine:
    130 HP
  • Screen box Top Deck:
    5' x 4' side tension - 5 off
  • Screen box Bottom Deck:
    5' x 6' end tension - 3 off
  • Main Conveyor Belt Width:
  • Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor:
    15' - 3"
  • Stockpile Height Side Conveyor:
    16' - 9"

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