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Superiors Telestacker Conveyors eliminate material segregation by stockpiling materials in windrows ensuring stockpile meets spec. The Telestacker can stockpile up to 5,000 tons an hour. This conveyor can be towed in a single load and is easily transportable due to its road portability.


  • Main conveyor – 80′ long with 52″ deep truss
  • Stinger conveyor – 66′ long with 36″ deep truss
  • Extension – conveyor extends to 136′ long with hydraulic cable winch
  • FB® Undercarriage provides maximum undercarriage support for safety and lateral stability
  • Pilepro™ Automation designed in-house with clean, easy to understand interface
  • Slide-track, cable support system, designed with no catch points and easy maintenance
  • Stinger safety stop continuously monitors cable tension to stinger conveyor and immediately reacts if the breakdown of cable occurs




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