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The Fine Material Washer is a multipurpose machine that washes, classifies, and dewaters aggregate material. In addition to minor scrubbing, the machinery classifies by specific gravity. Meaning lighter, unwanted materials (like lignite, Micah, and organic products) float over the back weirs. Heavier sand falls to the bottom and is then augured up the tub. As it proceeds up the incline, water drains from the material and is eventually discharged with a moisture content of 15-25%.


  • Capacities up to 350 TPH
  • Safeguard™ Outboarding Bearing installed outside the tank to shield from moisture
  • Curved shape belly pan eliminates dead spots for material to gather, which is common at 90° angles
  • Flush-back nozzle improves dewatering by removing inactive sand dear discharge
  • Fines retention are maximized with the adjustable weir plate that encourages overflow water to the level
  • Water is calmed by the load zone baffle which helps maximize the fines retention

Technical Specs Twin Screw 44" X 32'

  • Capacity:
    350 TPH
  • Peripheral Screw Speed:
  • Screw Speed:
    17 RPM
  • Auger Motor Size:
    (2) 20HP
  • Water Capacity:
    100 Mesh – 2,800 GPM; 150 Mesh – 1,750 GPM; 200 Mesh 675 GPM
  • Estimated Empty Weight:
  • Estimated Operating Weight:

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