Used Stackable Plus Conveyor

Product Details

This 36”x60’ 2022 Superior Stackable Plus Conveyor offers versatile conveying options, providing solutions in both transfer and stockpiling applications. Engineered with durability in mind, Superior Stackable Conveyors are robust and hold value well, ensuring years of dependable performance. These conveyors are not only game-changers in efficiency but also cost-effectiveness with the ability to transport up to eight stackable conveyors on a single load, making them a great solutions for your material handling needs.


  • Exterra® Primary Belt Scraper
  • Tow eye
  • Anchor pivot plate
  • Manual raise undercarriage
  • Receiving hopper
  • 20 HP 1800 RPM TEFC Motor
  • 850 STPH of 100 PCF material, 25 degree
    surcharge (90% fines, 10% spherical lumps 6”
    minus), 8′ of lift

Technical Specs - Stackable PLUS 60'

  • Conveyor Length:
  • Conveyor Ground Length:
  • Raised Height to Center of Pulley:
  • Anchor Pivot to Center of Axle:
  • Maximum Stockpile Height:
  • Maximum Stockpile Capacity:
    680 yards³
  • 18"Straight Incline:
    920 Tons

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