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The Superior Aggredry is a combination of fine material washing with a dewatering screen. The Aggredry discharges sand with moisture content as low as 8%, making available for sale instantly. Fines, clay, and dirt separation occur at the same time the material moves through the screw section of the Aggredry Washer separating before good sand moves to the dewatering screen that is attached. This machine eliminates the disadvantage of lost material by collecting the lost fines under the flume, flushing them back into the screw reclaiming valuable material.


  • Capacities up to 50 TPH
  • Safeguard™ Outboard Bearing installed outside the tank to shield from moisture.
  • Single  screw fine material washer accepts feed sizes up to 3/4″
  • Curved shaped belly pan eliminates dead spots for material together
  • Deeper bed depth on the dewatering screen, combined with sidewall media produces a drier product

Technical Specs Single Screw 24"

  • Capacity:
    50 TPH
  • Screw Speed:
  • Max Material Size:
  • Auger Motor Size:
    7.5 HP
  • Vibrating Motor Size:
    8.05 HP
  • Water Capacity:
    100 Mesh -700GPM; 150 Mesh -330GPM; 200 Mesh 180GPM 

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