Product Details:

Superior Log Washers scrub out and liberate plastic clays. Log Washers have paddles attached to a set of shafts that cross within their diameters with a motion that forces rocks to grind against each other freeing them from the tough clay. Unwanted material is then lifted over weirs while usable rock makes its way to the washer’s discharge.

  • Belly pan eliminated dead spots for material gathering
  • Bottom cleanout doors eliminate the hand digging of material
  • Improved integrity of drivetrain and shafts due to a heavy-duty skid frame
  • Removes plastic clays and harmful material
  • Capable of breaking up cemented aggregate

  • Screw Size :
  • Capacity :
    75-175 TPH
  • Screw Speed :
  • Motor Size :
  • Maximum Material Size:
  • Estimated Empty Weight :
    55,000 lbs
  • Estimated Operating Weight :
    168,000 lbs
  • Screw Diameter :

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