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Superior Industries Anthem® Inclined 6163 Bare Incline Screen 6X16 Triple Deck is often utilized during the first crushing step to separate the material into distinct size groups, with conveyors carrying the size content for further crushing or storing as a sellable product. Material beds shake and separate coarse feed content from finer materials when the screen box vibrates through shafts with counterweights for exciters.


  • Bottle jack lifting points that simplify spring replacement by eliminating the need for a crane or bucket loader
  • A fully enclosed, segmented belt guard offers safer operation and easier access for maintenance.
  • Hinged access doors prevent material spillage by sealing access holes, and the hinges ensure the doors are never misplaced.
  • Integrated Feedbox
  • Oversized deck clearance for ease of maintenance

Technical Specs Standard Series

  • Size Range:
  • Decks:
  • Weight:
    15,400 lbs
  • Power:

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