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This Superior Log Washer provides rinsing and harsh scrubbing of coarse aggregate loam, deleterious coatings, and clay. It has paddles attached to a set of shafts that cross within each other’s diameters. Motion forces rocks to grunt against one another, separating them from the tough clay. Unwanted material is then lifted over the weirs, leaving all usable rocks to make their way to the washer’s discharge.


  • Capacities up to 190 TPH
  • Safeguard™ Outboarding Bearing installed outside the tank to shield from moisture.

Technical Specs 36” X 30’

  • Capacity:
    50-125 TPH
  • Screw Speed:
    33 RPM
  • Motor Size:
  • Maximum Material Size:
  • Estimated Empty Weight:
  • Estimated Operating Weight:
  • Screw Diameter:

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