Product Details

This 2023 Superior Stackable Plus conveyor reduces the expense of freight by allowing eight stackable conveyors to be transported on one trailer. A multipurpose solution allows for use in both transfer and stockpiling applications. With a resilient design and quality manufacturing, this 60″ stackable conveyor has one of the highest resale values in the industry.


  • Tow eye
  • Exterra SFL Dual
  • Moxie rolls
  • Receiving hopper
  • Hinged tail bend
  • Hand crank axle jacks

Technical Specs - Stackable PLUS 60'

  • Conveyor Length:
  • Conveyor Ground Length:
  • Raised Height to Center of Pulley:
  • Anchor Pivot to Center of Axle:
  • Maximum Stockpile Height:
  • Maximum Stockpile Capacity:
    680 yards³
  • Operating Tonnage:
  • 18"Straight Incline:
    920 Tons

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