Product Details:

The Lippmann Wheeled Stackers have been designed for high-capacity stockpiling operations. Conveyors come standard with electric drive, 7.5 cu. yard hopper, impact idlers under hopper and road-towable. With
its durable truss frame, large feed hopper and base production capacity of up 800 TPH.


• 36” wide heavy duty 80’ long conveyor
• 74hp Tier 4 diesel engine
• Road towable
• Air brakes, mud flaps, lights
• Large feeder hopper
• Hydraulic folding frame for easy transport
• 5 Minute on-site setup

Technical Specs:

  • Engine:
    74 HP
  • Belt Width:
  • Max Conveyor Capacity:
    800 TPH
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity:
    116 Gallons
  • Diesel Tank Capacity:
    87 Gallons

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