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Doppstadt created a slow running shredder for a wide variety of applications allowing users to react quickly to evolving challenges. At the forefront of its class, Doppstadt slow speed shredders distinguish themselves with screwable tools, setting a new standard for efficiency and versatility in shredding technology. Load controlled material feed works with the linked Hydraulic Direct Drive ensuring reliability in operation.

Doppstadt high-torque shredders easily handle multiple applications, including: Green waste, industrial composting, wood waste, construction & demolition, municipal solid waste, scrap metal, shingles, railroad ties, biofuel, mulch, and land clearing.


  • Shredding for smaller volume flows mono-charges or special materials
  • High-Performance Technology


  • Semi-Trailer :
  • Total Weight:
    23000kg (option SA) / 24000 (option K)
  • Length:
  • Width:
    2530mm (SA) / 2700 (K)
  • Height:
    3390mm (SA) / 3130 (K)
  • Transport Width:
    2530mm (SA) / 2700 (K)
  • Transport Height:
    3604mm (SA) / 3353 (K)
  • Transport Length:
    7673mm (SA) / 7670 (K)
  • DRIVE:
  • Engine Type:
    Diesel Engine
  • Make MTU 6R1000:
    Daimler OM 936
  • Emissions Standard:
    Stage V
  • Nominal Output:
    (kW / PS) 260/354
  • Tank Filling:
    (l) 500
  • Engine Type:
    2 diesel engine
  • Make MTU 6R1000:
    Daimler OM 936
  • Emission Standard:
  • Nominal Output:
    (kW / PS) 260/354
  • Track Shredder:

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Doppstadt Slow Speed/High Torque models: 

  • Methor
  • Inventhor Type 9
  • DW 2060 E Stationary
  • Ceron Type 206
  • Ceron Type 256
  • Ceron Type 306
  • Ceron Type 308

These models offer a diverse range of shredding solutions tailored to meet specific application requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

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