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McCourt Equipment through EcoSift offers a solution to decontaminate overs with a screening system that allows the recovery of valuable organics from a static legacy overs pile. EcoSift reintroduces organic overs without the concern of contaminant buildup. Without EcoSift overs were being thrown away, and that was a substantial cost and a loss of revenue with an added removal expense.


  • 4-product separation: lights / heaviest / midsize (clean wood) / ferrous
  • Diesel-hydraulic power
  • Integrates air-knife, separation drum and dual suction fans in a single unit
  • Removal of over 95% of contaminants from the product

Technical Specs - Ventus 4000 Overs Decontaminate System

  • Chassis:
    Steel tracks
  • Drive:
    diesel engine
  • Type:
    cat c 3.4b
  • Power:
    108 hp. / 80 KW or 175 KW / 130 KW
  • Fuel Tank:
    85 gallons
  • Hydraulic Tank:
    92 gallons
  • Conveyor Belt Width:
  • Loading Height:
    8’-5” minimum / 9’ maximum
  • Conveyor Discharge Height:
    7’ Width: 40’’
  • Belt:
    with metal cleats to prevent rolling back of the material
  • Magnetic head pulley and chute:
    for ferrous product recovery
  • Destoning Conveyor:
    belt width: 60”
  • Tracks:
    track width: 12” length: 15’’

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