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The EC-80T provides the ideal solution for all your material handling needs by allowing operators to stockpile/transfer material directly from shredding and recycling plants. It removes the need for a loader and double handling of materials while providing the flexibility and mobility necessary to ensure that the stockpiling process is as quick and effective as feasible.

Additionally, with minimal setup time, the unit may be containerized for shipment, thus lowering shipping costs.


  • Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimizing setup time
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 11m
  • 4 Meter tracks for superior maneuverability and stability
  • Fuel efficient Hydraulics system
  • Hydraulically adjustable feed in height to compliment crushing and screening plants
  • CAT 2.2 LRC 44.7KW giving a rating of up to 400 TPH
  • User Friendly Hydraulic Controls
  • Feed boot Hardox liners
  • Heavy Duty Impact Bed


  • Length:
    Transport 10'-2"
  • Width :
    Transport 8'-4"
  • Height :
    Transport 10'-2"
  • Length :
    Working (MAX) 50'-8"
  • Height:
    Working (MAX) 13'-9"
  • Maximum Production Rate :
    220 USTPH
  • Weight:
  • Average Fuel Consumption :
    3.3 US GAL / Hour

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