Product Details:

The tracked disc screener EDS-7000 can efficiently and dependably screen various materials. Customers who need to size the shredded materials or eliminate fines to produce a clean product can use the EDS-7000 to satisfy their demands.

A succession of flat-profiled hexagonal or octagonal disc shafts makes up the proprietary disc screen technology. This unique form allows the material to slide on the screen discs and move up and down, separating the waste.

The machine may be converted from a 3-fraction to a 2-fraction machine with the installation of the smart hopper, and the EDS-7000 includes the following characteristics by default.


  • 7M total screen length – F1 2.5M / 4.5M
  • Full on board Diesel eclectic generator – Can also be powered by mains
  • Variable speed controls on screen deck and conveyors
  • KOHLER 55KW T4F/EU Stage V engines
  • 4M tracks for superior maneuverability and stability
  • 2F/3F product production
  • User friendly controls
  • Disc Screening Technology

Technical Specs:

  • Length :
    Transport 10'-2"
  • Width:
    Transport 8'-4"
  • Height:
    Transport 10'-2"
  • Length:
    Working (MAX) 50'-8"
  • Height:
    Working (MAX) 13'-9"
  • Maximum Production Rate :
    220 USTPH
  • Weight :
  • Average Fuel Consumption :
    3.3 US GAL

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