Product Details:

The ER-155 High Energy Screener is sturdy, reliable screening equipment built to handle the toughest applications. A longer hopper and an enlarged tail conveyor are new features for this ER-155 scalping screener. This gives clients the most load flexibility possible, fits a wider range of loaders, and may be used in many locations across the globe. No More Loading Delays! Larger loaders are intended to be used with the ER-155. This ER-155 is a great mobile option for material handling operations since the 16-foot target is 25% larger and can accommodate more material without spilling.


  • 16×5 heavy duty high energy 2 bearing screen box
  • 130Hp diesel engine
  • Direct feed Hardox lined hopper
  • Travel out fixed walkways
  • Integrated hydraulic folding stockpiling conveyors
  • Fast on site setup time – 10 minutes
  • Screen raises at lower end for easy bottom deck access
  • Service standing room inside Powerpack
  • Track mobile

Technical Specs:

  • Engine :
    130 HP Diesel
  • Transport Height:
    11’ 7”
  • Transport Length :
    50’ 2”
  • Transport Width:
    9’ 8”
  • Weight :
    79,600 LBS
  • Stockpile Height Extended Tail Conveyor :
    12’ 3”
  • Stockpile Height Side Fines Conveyor :
  • Stockpile Height Side Mid Conveyor :
    11’ 10”
  • Screenbox Dimensions :
    5’ X 16’

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