Product Details

The ES-250 is a tracked primary shredder that can shred practically any material effectively and dependably. designed to satisfy the requirements of operations where the incoming materials have a wide range of size, content, and shredding difficulty.

The input material is constantly moving to prevent bridging and to maximize shredding efficiency thanks to the interaction between the rotating blades on the twin shafts working asynchronously in both directions.


  • Aggressive 8 Knife, heavy-duty cutting table
  • Electric Control Unit
  • Main Conveyor Variable speed
  • 4 Meter tracks for superior maneuverability and stability
  • Volvo C15 540HP Stage V/Tier 4 Final
  • Fuel efficient hydraulics system
  • User friendly hydraulic controls
  • Double hydrostatic drive transmission

Technical Specs

  • Length:
    Working (MAX) –49’-7”
  • Height :
    Working (MAX) –11’-6
  • Width:
    Transport –9’-11”
  • Height:
    Transport –11’-6”
  • Maximum Production Rate :
    110 USTPH - Material Dependent- See Material Capacities Below
  • Average Fuel Consumption:
    15.5 US GAL
  • Machine Weight:
    77,160 LBS.

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