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The McCloskey S190 Double Deck and S190 Triple Deck offer the industry’s most advanced 20′ x 5′ mobile vibratory screening plant. With features such as adjustable screen-box angles, the S190 models are adaptable to a wide range of material applications including mining, sand and gravel topsoil, quarrying, coal screening, and woodchip. Along with having the highest-grade specifications and parts, the S190 high-energy screener comes in double and triple deck models producing the highest combined screening area across all decks. These customer-focused features make the S190 screener the number one choice for aggregate material screening.


  • Track or wheeled options
  • Most advanced 20′ x 5′ plant in production
  • 12′ hopper capacity 8.01m³ (10.48 yd³) or 15′ hopper capacity 10.01m³ (13.09yd³)
  • 48″ feed conveyor
  • Remote control tipping grid
  • 10 minute set up time

Technical Specs

  • Engine:
    130 HP
  • Screen box Top Deck:
    5' x 4' side tension - 5 off
  • Screen box Bottom Deck:
    5' x 6' end tension - 3 off
  • Main Conveyor Belt Width:
  • Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor:
    15' - 3"
  • Stockpile Height Side Conveyor:
    16' - 9"

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