Product Details

Designed for users with less capacity than an S130 and S190 models, the McCloskey S80 provides features found in the McCloskey S-Range of vibratory screeners. Features include a high energy screen box, large engine bay, and a large hopper. It employs the steepest angle of any three-way-split screening plant, ensuring the best quality sand and pea stone. If the needs are smaller floats or are in areas with strict transport regulations, you will benefit from the smaller transport dimensions.


  • 10′ X 4.5′ Screen-box
  • Equipped with an open engine bay for easier maintenance
  • 36″ main conveyor
  • The steepest screen angle of any 3-way split screening plant on the market
  • Condensed transport dimensions
  • Large, steep-sided Hopper for maximum efficiency

Technical Specs

  • Engine:
    130 HP
  • Screen box Top Deck:
    10' x 4.5'
  • Screen Box Bottom Deck:
    8' x 4.5'
  • Belt Width - Main Conveyor:
  • Stockpile Height - Tail Conveyor:
    Track Model 12'-5"
  • Stockpile Height - Tail Conveyor:
    Wheel Model 13'-6"
  • Stockpile Height - Side Conveyor:
    Track Model 13'-6"
  • Stockpile Height - Side Conveyor:
    Wheel Model 14' 6"

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