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The McCloskey TF80 & WF80 feeder stackers simplify stockpiling and handling of bark, compost, topsoil, and large wood waste. These products are fed with ease into the Hopper with an excavator or a loader. A large feeder hopper, the enhanced mobility, and the wide heavy-duty 80′ long conveyor and heavy-duty feeder make this a robust stockpiling conveyor across many applications.

Tracked and wheeled feeders are available with several options to meet each customer’s unique material requirements.


  • Up To 17.0m³ Hopper
  • 48″ Chevron feed belt evenly conveys material such as wood chips and logs without bridging.Open and easy to access engine bay provides class-leading access to hydraulic valves and the transversely mounted Diesel engine.
  • A fully portable track or wheel is a stockpiling solution available as a wheel-mounted trailer unit or a track unit for maximum onsite mobility.
  • Straightforward hydraulic controls to fold/unfold, raise/lower conveyor.
  • Tracked & Wheeled feeders also available

Technical Specs

  • Engine:
  • Production:
    750 TPH
  • Stockpile Height:
    42' 6"
  • Stockpile Capacity:
    54,037 cubic meters
  • Conveyor Length:
    19. 80'
  • Belt:
    48" x 80'

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