Product Details

McCloskey’s  UL4853 truck unloader is powerful, portable, and productive to bulk material handling applications. It quickly takes loads from a low base and can efficiently convey large volumes of material, eliminating the need for double handling and instead unloads directly onto trucks. The 48″ X 53′ conveyor belt can load material onto a barge or rail carriage, stockpile, or other auxiliary equipment up to 1500TPH. The truck unloader can process coal, gravel, grains, iron, copper, tin, bauxite, sand, aggregates, or woodchips.


  • 48″ wide heavy-duty 53′ Main conveyor
  • 74Hp Cat 3.4 Tier 4 Final
  • Large feed hopper
  • Hydraulic Folding main conveyor
  • Fast on-site setup time – 5 minute
  • Hopper Extension Option

Technical Specs

  • Engine:
  • Transport Height :
    11' 6.5"
  • Transport Width:
    8' 6"
  • Weight:
  • Stockpile Height:
    (@ 22°) - 12' 6"
  • Hopper Capacity:
    3.0 cu. Yd.

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