Product Details

The MDS M615 Modular Trommel screens content with a maximum rock scale of 30”. This screen is perfect for screening blasting material, with three different device configurations that allow for the process of many applications—Four-split standard.


  • The output of Up to 500 TPH
  • Fuel Consumption 15l per hour
  • Can have up to 4 Splits
  • Welded or Changeable screens
  • Hydraulic Push feeder
  • Tipping Grid Option
  • Drum Cleaner Option

Technical Specs

  • Hooper Capacity:
    MAX 800mm/32”
  • Transport Length:
    40’ 0”
  • Transport Width:
    8’ 5”
  • Transport Height:
    9’ 12”
  • Transport Weight:
    38.6 Tons

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