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The MDS Apron Feeders are designed for standard duty quarry feeding applications. Providing output up to 800TPH and designed to the length and width of customer specifications. With a maximum dump of 10T, and maximum starting capacity of 18T feedable with a loading shovel or excavator.


  • Ideal for Truck Unloading applications
  • Output up to 1500 tons per hour
  • Length and Width to customer specifications
  • Maximum dump of 30 Ton
  • Maximum Starting Capacity of 45 Ton
  • Can feed with Loading Shovel or 30 Ton Dump Truck

Technical Specs AF10-4

  • Dimensions:
    1000mm wide x 4000mm long
  • Max lump:
  • Capacity:

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Apron Feeder models:

  • AF10-6
  • AF12-4
  • AF12-6
  • MDAF15-6
  • MDAF15-8
  • MDAF20-6
  • MDAF20-8

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