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The 2024 Superior 48-inch RazerTail® Truck Unloader is engineered for seamless material transfer from trucks directly to stockpiles, eliminating double handling to preserve material integrity. This innovative system slashes unloading times to just sixty seconds per truckload and is operational within minutes of setup. Ideal for truck to stacker, barge, ship, and railcar operations.

Key Features

  • Steel Ramp Option: Available with steel ramps, eliminating the need for costly earthen ramp construction and saving valuable time and resources.
  • Extended Ramp System: Extending 7 feet 3 inches on each side with a convenient folding pin-connection design, it facilitates easy access for trucks with low clearance.
  • Self-Cleaning Hopper: Equipped with a self-cleaning hopper and hydraulically-operated hinged ramps that ensure efficient transfer and minimize material spillage onto the conveyor.
  • Superior Idlers: Equipped with CEMA C, 5″ diameter rolls, sealed for life ball bearings.

Technical Specs 48” Truck Unloader

  • Capacity:
    1,000 STPH of 100 PFC material, 1.5" minus spherical lumps
  • Belt Speed:
    210 fpm
  • Load Ramp Bulkhead:
    10' wide by 8'4" long, fold hydraulically for road transport
  • Discharge Height:
    3 position adjustable height, max of 12.5'
  • Folding Conveyor:
    11' feed height for TeleStacker
  • Unloading Conveyor:
    48" x 63'
  • Conveyor Frame :
    30" deep truss


  • Self-Cleaning Ramps: Patented design ensures automatic or manual dumping of leftover materials, optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • Hydraulic Powerfold: Unique inverted cylinder design protects cylinder rods, enhancing durability and operational reliability.
  • Wrap Drive Configuration: Easily accessible for maintenance, with pulley tensioning to minimize spillage and ensure consistent performance.
  • Adjustable Height Discharge: Hydraulic adjustment of the head pulley height accommodates varying transfer heights with precision.

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