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Superiors Alliance Low Water Washer reduces water consumption when washing straight off of a dry feed. This Washer will eliminate the cost of having to haul fines and the cost of material handling to a new washing circuit because it washes the circuit by washing the dust right next to the crushing circuit. A combination of an agitator and a dewatering screen, this machine can turn tailings into salable manufactured sand.


  • Capacities up to 300 TPH
  • Agitator section accepts a dry feed from the crushing circuit and mixes in water to create a slurry
  • High pressure, low volume spray bars push the dirty material through the screen
  • Deeper bed depth on the dewatering screen, combined with sidewall media produces a drier product
  • Snap media installs with a mallet and removes with a screwdriver

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Alliance Low Water Washer models:

  • LWW-410
  • LWW-612
  • LWW-712

Technical Specs LWW-510

  • TPH:
  • Metric TPH:
  • Max Material Size:
  • Screen Size:
    5' x 10'
  • Screw :
    30" x 12'
  • HP :
  • Water consumption :
  • Screen Area :
  • Screen Motor (two) :

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