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Superiors Concrete Washout System recovers aggregate material from ready-mix trucks preventing the disposal of wasteful material. Silts, fiber mesh, cement paste, and water washout of the backside of the screw as sand and gravel are augered up and dewatered. Recovered material goes back into the concrete plant or is usable for something else. Once cement settles or separates, water is reusable. Concrete Washout system eliminates end-of-day shift overtime hours, truck wash-down time, and trips to a disposal site that can be costly. Extra material is flushable at the end of the day by the driver from drum to trough by moving his truck under a high-pressure nozzle


  • Avoid wasteful disposal of sellable aggregate
  • Eliminate wash-down time and costly trips to disposal sites
  • The receiving hopper allows for multiple trucks to discharge at the same time
  • The integrated spray system cleans the mixer as fine material screw recovers the aggregate material

Technical Specs 36” X 25’

  • Processing Time:
    1.2 yards/minute
  • Screw Speed:
    20 RPM
  • Motor:
  • Length:
  • Empty Weight:
  • Screw Diameter:

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Concrete Washout System models:

  • 44” X 32’

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