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Superiors Guardian® Horizontal Screens are usable for fixed plants or portable plant applications as a standalone device. The Guardian is used to screen finer applications over 2.5 degrees horizontal or not inclined.


  • Coil springs and spring base make for quiet operation and smooth motion
  • Bottle jack lift points for spring replacement eliminates the need for cranes or loaders
  • Bolt locking hinged access doors for convenient inspections and maintenance
  • Segmented belt guard for quick access to sheave and flywheel without completely removing the guard
  • Industry-leading 2-year warranty

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Guardian® Horizontal Screen models:

  • 5162-TH32
  • 5163-TH32
  • 6162-TH32
  • 6163-TH32
  • 6202-TH32 – Triple Shaft
  • 6203-TH32 – Triple Shaft
  • 7202-TH38 – Triple Shaft
  • 8202-TH38
  • 203-TH38 – Triple Shaft

Technical Specs 7203-TH38 (Triple-Shaft) 

  • Decks:
  • Size :
  • Max Material :
  • Stroke :
  • Speed:
  • Motor Power:
  • Weight:

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