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These crushers are typically used in the primary stage for demanding applications. There are two jaws inside the chamber; one is fixed while the other constantly swings back and forth, compressing the rock that falls and breaking it. Rocks remain in the jaws until they are small enough to pass through the bottom gap.


  • Capacities up to 1,600 TPH.
  • The industry-leading two-year warranty is standard.
  • Aggressive nip angle allows for consistent material processing through the life of the liner.
  • Push a button to quickly and hydraulically adjust closed side settings.
  • Driveguard is manufactured of composite material, so a single crew member can remove guarding for simplified access to drive.

See our Bolted Model feature sheet.

Technical Specs Liberty 3048W

  • Weight :
  • Feed Opening:
    30 X 48"
  • Setting:
    3.0 - 9.0"
  • Capacity:
  • Power:

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Jaw Crusher models:

  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 1836W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 2036W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 2054W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 2442W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 3244W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 3254W
  • Liberty Jaw Crusher 3648W

Technical Specs Liberty Jaw Crusher 5978 Bolted Model

  • Weight :
  • Feed Opening:
    59 x78"
  • Setting:
    8.0 -12.0"
  • Capacity :
  • Max Feed:
    47.2 Power 500HP

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Liberty Jaw Crusher Bolted models:

  • 2055B
  • 2436B
  • 2842B
  • 3043B
  • 3055B
  • 3255B
  • 3448B
  • 3951B
  • 4355B
  • 4763B

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