Product Details:

Although the Spirit® Sand Plant, a pre-assembled set of cyclones, dewatering screens, sumps, and pumps, appears significantly different from a sand screw, it serves the same function of washing and classifying fine material. Your capital investment is ultimately driven by the application.

For instance, cyclones continue to develop despite little human intervention thanks to fluctuations in diet. While modifications are typically needed for effective sand screw operation due to changes in silt concentration and water capacity.

If space is at a premium, a Spirit® Sand Plant also has a significantly smaller footprint.

Spirit® Sand Plants are optimized for specific processing requirements by examining all the application-specific factors. For a quicker installation, the plant has bolt-together, pre-plumbed pipes and pre-installed wiring components.

  • Up to 440 TPH of capacity for producing sand (400 STPH)
  • The fines recovery module recovers fines up to 50%.
  • Suitable for normal export containersSpirit® Sand Plant_FR3600 Superior Industries

FR600 Technical Specs:

  • Percent Solids:
  • Flow Rate:
    600 GPM
  • Screen Size:
    3X8 FT
  • Screen Area:
  • Screen Motor :
    (2) 7.0 HP
  • Cyclone Diameter :
    1 - 12"
  • Pump Size:
    6X4 FT
  • Pump Motor:
    30 HP
  • Sump Capacity:
    1,000 G
  • Total Horsepower:
    44 HP

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