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Superiors Trailblazer® Conveyor is a compact land transport system that is 500 meters pre-assembled and can easily move from one site to the next in one 84-ft towable load. With a small crew, set-up can take as little as one hour. Cleanup and power cable control are greatly minimized by having only one transfer point that associates the numerous jump conveyors.


  • Gravity-style-take-up built into the trailer structure allows the conveyor to fold in or out in an accordion fashion simply.
  • Transport straps and pull-pins ensure that every conveyor system comes off chassis in order, one at a time, guided carefully onto supports
  • One conveyor drive reduces power consumption by up to 85%, saving money on energy costs

Technical Specs 42” X 500’

  • Feed Height to Hopper:
  • Discharge Height to Center of Head Pulley:
  • Conveyor Length:
  • Capacity:
    1,500 STPH
  • Travel Length:
  • Travel Height:
  • Travel Width:
  • Weight at Axle:
  • Weight at Kingpin:

Please Contact McCourt Equipment for Specifications on these Additional Trailblazer Conveyor models:

  • 48” X 250’
  • 36” X 500’

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