McCourt’s Commitment to Safety

8/13/2020 Topic: Safety

Think Safety First McCourt Equipment

At McCourt Equipment, we are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and community. For McCourt, our team’s safety is no longer a priority; it has become a core value and a way of life. A priority can change, due to an outside influence or demands, while a value will always be something that the outside influences cannot change.

In our organization safety is a personal commitment made at all levels in our organization.

At McCourt Equipment:

  • We believe all incidents and injuries can are preventable.
  • We will place no business objective or priority over safety.
  • Accountability for ensuring a safe work environment rests with every employee.
  • Safety is an integral part of all work, from planning to implementation.
  • Each individual is responsible for following all applicable safe work practices and procedures and has the authority and responsibility to stop any unsafe job or act.

We strive to improve our safety processes, procedures, and culture continually. Safety is a never-ending journey that pays off when everyone goes home safe each night.