Product Details:

The ERF-80R feeder stacker has a sizable feeder hopper that feeds material onto an 80-foot conveyor, all of which are attached to slew rings that enable full 360° radial movement. It was made to prevent double handling of goods by allowing operators to store and shift material. This unit’s flexibility makes it very versatile and excellent for barge loading and unloading, rail loading and unloading, and stockpiling. The operator can move the unit parallel to the vessel so that the machine can crab alongside thanks to its ability to travel in a straight line.

The unit can also be compacted for simple site-to-site transportation on a single low loader.


  • CAT 4.4 127HP engine
  • Hydraulic folding heading section for transport minimizing setup time
  • Hydraulically adjustable discharge height up to 10m
  • Fuel efficient hydraulics system
  • 4m tracks for superior maneuverability and stability
  • User friendly hydraulic controls
  • Dual hydraulic main drive system
  • Remote near stabilizing legs for easy operator use
  • Remote radio-tracking
  • Hopper extensions increase capacity

Technical Specs:

  • Engine :
    CAT 4.4 127 HP
  • Transport Height:
  • Transport Length :
    38’ 8”
  • Transport Width:
    10’ 6”
  • Weight :
    60,627 LBS
  • Stockpile Height:
    32’ 10”
  • Hopper Capacity:
    17 YD³
  • Production:
    880 USTPH
  • Radial:
    FULL 360°

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