Product Details

Superiors Attrition Mills are for a distinct market like glass production and frac sand. They produce a durable product with better sand equivalency. Each tub contains two opposing pitch impellers that force the particles to collide. This process breaks up the sand particles and also cleans and polishes the surface of the sand. A standard package includes two tubs, but additional tubs can be added depending on the application.


  • Round tub designed without corners to encourage consistent sand processing
  • Hinged access doors sealed watertight, eliminate heavy lifting and are oversized to ease cleanout
  • Direct drive reduces maintenance, electricity and lowers operating costs
  • Standard welds in wear liners or an optional bolt-in style protect the machine’s structural integrity.
  • Opposing impellers coated in 2″ of long-lasting urethane

Technical Specs

  • Outside Diameter:
  • Tank Height:
  • Capacity:
  • Retention Time:
    2.5 minutes
  • Inlet Urethane lines:
    24" X 24"
  • Impellers:
    2" urethane coating
  • Overflow Weir:
  • Inspection Door:
    42" X 42"

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