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Lippmann’s 4800 Combo Plant a Closed Circuit Plant increases production and reduces downtime. This closed-circuit plant can pair up with a 6X20 triple deck screen plant, making this combination a high production and flexible plant. The closed-circuit plant is feedable with a loader for all types of material used in asphalt recycling due to the increased screen size and a high reduction ratio.


  • Easy two chassis move for road transportation
  • Lippmann 42”x48” Impactor crusher with VGF and cross belt magnet with recirculation conveyor feeding directly into impactor on single chassis
  • 6’x20’ Horizontal screen with three product cross conveyors and recirculation conveyor for oversized material
  • Easily adjustable cross conveyors for control of product flow

Technical Specs

  • Travel Height:
    13’X11” (4242)
  • Travel Width:
  • Travel Length:
    63’X8” (19406)
  • Kingpin Weight:
  • Axel Weight:
  • Under Screen Conveyor Weight:

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